Frank J. Barbiere is a writer from New Jersey.


A former English teacher, Frank is a graduate of Rutgers University and the Graduate School for Education.

Frank broke into the comics industry with the creator-owned hit Five Ghosts (Image Comics) and has since worked for every major publisher in the U.S., as well as having a global presence in France (Glenat Comics) and Italy (Cosmo Editoriale) with his creator-owned work.  His body of work includes notable runs on Avengers World and Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. at Marvel Comics, as well as the creator-owned series Black Market and Broken World (BOOM! Studios), The Revisionist (Aftershock Comics), Violent Love (Image Comics), and The White Suits (Dark Horse Comics).

In 2017 Frank began working as a narrative designer at Vicarious Visions, writing for the Destiny video game franchise.