Violent Love

I'm very happy to announce VIOLENT LOVE, a brand new ongoing series from myself and Victor Santos for IMAGE COMICS.

We'll have plenty more to announce soon, but issue #1 will be available NOVEMBER 9th.  For now, check out our announcement here, and our official tumblr here with exclusive art and previews here.

Thanks for all the support!

Heroes Con 2016 & The Revisionist

Hello, old friend.

Apologies about letting this blog fall by the wayside.  I've just remedied that with a hefty update to the bibliography and the post you are reading this very second!  It's been a busy and productive year for me, with a relocation to the south in the middle, but I'm glad to be back and sharing some new updates.

First and foremost, this month I launched my newest creator owned series THE REVISIONIST.  It's the story of a time traveling assassin co-created with Garry Brown and colored by Lauren Affe.  I couldn't be more proud of it, and we have a great home at Aftershock Comics.  You can pick it up at your favorite local comic shop or comiXology, and we all hope you give it a shot!

This week I'll be at HEROES CON in Charlotte, NC. I'll be tabling with longtime friend and co-conspirator Matthew Rosenberg at table AA-1008.  Stop by to buy some of my wares and chat, it'll be a fun one.

More updates soon with some new projects and exciting developments.



Avengers World and other updates

Slowly making an effort to update the site more!

Lots to catch up on. First and foremost, I'm really excited to announce that I'll be writing AVENGERS WORLD for MARVEL COMICS starting with February's issue #17.  I had the wonderful opportunity to co-write issues #15 & #16 with Nick Spencer, but will be taking solo writing duties over starting on #17.

FIVE GHOSTS is back on the shelves and issue #14 drops this week. We're kicking it into high gear with our horror arc, MONSTERS & MEN, and can't wait for everyone to see the crazy stuff we have in store.  We also announced that Five Ghosts will be coming to the small screen care of UNIVERSAL TELEVISION and THE SYFY CHANNEL.  As we get more news, we'll share, but we're all very excited.

THE WHITE SUITS, a book I worked on early this year with Dark Horse Comics is now available in a very nice collected edition.  You can hunt it down at your local comic retailer now!  Volume one of SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM is also now available.  I also continue to work on the book monthly from Dynamite Entertainment.  I feel like it's a book that goes under a lot of people's radar, so you should check it out. But maybe I'm biased.

I also recently wrapped up BLACK MARKET at BOOM! Studios.  I'm really proud of the book and you should be able to pick up copies at any comic shop. The trade won't be out until June, so hunt down the issues if you're interested! I did a spoiler-filled retrospective on the series over at THE PAGES & PANELS PODCAST that you can check out if you're into hearing me talk about my projects.

I'll be doing a number of interviews and the such this week, so I'll be sure to link you all.

Thanks and keep on comicking.


NYCC '14


A quick update re: New York Comic Con '14.  Chris Mooneyham and I will be tabling at table R7 in the Artists' Alley all weekend.  Stop on by to pick up some books, get something signed, or just hang out.  It's sure to be a great show this year!

Two weeks ago marked the release of my first ever DC Comics project, Superboy: Future's End. The art was handled by Ben Caldwell, an amazingly talented artist, so check it out!  You can pick it up in shops or digitally on comixology here.

See you all at NYCC!


Website Update

Hey guys,

Trying to keep this thing up to date!

The biggest news I have (well, most current anyway) is that I'll be attending NEW YORK COMIC-CON 2014 yet again with partner in crime CHRIS MOONEYHAM.  We'll be sitting in the artist alley for the whole show hanging and signing our hands off.  Come on out.

Be sure to hit up comic shops this week and check out BLACK MARKET #2 from BOOM! Studios.  Very proud of this series and would love to hear what you guys think.

Check out what the press has to say about BLACK MARKET!

The Making of Five Ghosts

Check out this tumblr post to find a link to a MAKING OF FIVE GHOSTS PDF that explores the process of creating Five Ghosts #1.

Much more soon.

This & That

I've been ignoring this blog a bit--apologies.


Our first Five Ghosts collection comes out tomorrow!  I've posted a big preview on my tumblr   here.  It's only $9.99 and will be available at comic shops everywhere, so check it out.

I've also started posting stuff from the Dark Horse Comics series I've been developing for a while now--THE WHITE SUITS.  It has marvelous artwork by the amazing TOBY CYPRESS, and here is a short prequel story we've done to get you excited.  I've also included the cover to issue one, which will be in stores FEBRUARY '13, in this post.

I'll be at some shows coming up--New York Comic Con and Thought Bubble.  I'm very excited for both, especially Thought Bubble as it'll be my first show in the UK.  I'll also have an appearance at a comic shop over there, but more on that soon. 

There'll be a slew of announcements soon--lots of stuff in the works.  Thanks for reading. 


The first FIVE GHOSTS collection will be in stores via Image Comics on September 18th, 2013.  It's only $9.99.

You can pre-order the book now from your favorite retailer!  Just head on in and tell them you want it. 


SDCC '13 Schedule

I'll be appearing next Saturday and Sunday at the annual San Diego Comic-Con.  Though I'll only be in town for the weekend, I have a pretty busy schedule.


Dark Horse Comics Booth: 12-1pm with Micah Kaneshiro (the fabulous artist of BLACKOUT), Josh Williamson, Raymond Swanland, Tim Seeley and Mike Norton.

Image Comics Genre Fiction Panel: 1pm-2pm, Room 7AB, with Ed BrubakerTim SeeleyMike NortonKurtis J. Wiebe, and Ron Marz.

Image Comics Booth: 2-4pm, SIGNING!


Image Comics Booth: 10-12am



In an attempt to return to the internet (things have been rather busy since the launch of FIVE GHOSTS) formally, I'm tidying up this blog/portfolio/whateveritis with this spiffy new layout and template. 

More to come.