This & That

I've been ignoring this blog a bit--apologies.


Our first Five Ghosts collection comes out tomorrow!  I've posted a big preview on my tumblr   here.  It's only $9.99 and will be available at comic shops everywhere, so check it out.

I've also started posting stuff from the Dark Horse Comics series I've been developing for a while now--THE WHITE SUITS.  It has marvelous artwork by the amazing TOBY CYPRESS, and here is a short prequel story we've done to get you excited.  I've also included the cover to issue one, which will be in stores FEBRUARY '13, in this post.

I'll be at some shows coming up--New York Comic Con and Thought Bubble.  I'm very excited for both, especially Thought Bubble as it'll be my first show in the UK.  I'll also have an appearance at a comic shop over there, but more on that soon. 

There'll be a slew of announcements soon--lots of stuff in the works.  Thanks for reading.